The Women.

No Way! My story on camera? Are you crazy, I definitely won’t do that!

Just as every woman has her own story, so does each woman with vaginismus. Talking about sexuality isn’t that difficult when everything seems happy, pain-free and pleasurable. However, when things aren’t going the way ‘we think it should’, the communication stops. Oddly enough, nearly all women will have –at least once in her life- a moment when things aren’t going to be ‘perfect’ sexually. It can be physical, psychological, chronic, situational or extensive, and that is when the talking stops. This can make the situation harder to endure. Simmering physical complaints, not facing your fears, hiding behind anonymous forums or suppressing sadness and grief can increase the insecurity, shame or loneliness you feel, while sharing your story creates freedom and space. When you let yourself be heard, you show how powerful you are. You are letting people know that what you have does not define you. Sharing your story gives you the freedom to break the cycle of negativity, shame, insecurity and guilt. There is no taboo if we know both sides of the story.


The brave women who came before!

And we are extremely proud of these women, as together we create this platform. Are you ready to share your story with others? Do you feel the importance of letting other people know what vaginismus is? What would you like to pass on to your children when it comes to sexuality? Share it with us and meet each other here!