The Philosophy.

Breaking taboos by giving them a face!

Worldwide roughly 2 women in 1000 have been diagnosed with vaginismus. What this means is that intercourse is not possible for these woman, regardless of whether they wish to have it. This is just the beginning of their difficulties, as their sense of shame can be too severe to seek help. As a team of dedicated people, we are constantly working on this unique platform, so that we can give this taboo a face.

The initiative is born out of the ideology that every women has the right to have a enjoyable, pain-free sex life and that the barriers to accomplish this are minimized. During research about vaginismus, the shame and ignorance of the condition were recognized as the greatest barriers to discuss the problem openly. The shame, guilt, insecurity and continuous battle against the prevailing sexual morals make it extremely difficult to talk about this taboo. It was also recognized that behind the sadness and frustration were powerful women, who were fighting for their own sexual freedom and breaking free from the shame.

This platform intends to break the cycle of anonymity and anxiety. By bringing the stories of these women to light, they are the proof that shame is not necessary. It also empowers other women to step forward, find the help they need and start a dialogue with the ones they love.