3 years later, watch this powerful lady!

For quite some time she wanted to share this story with the world. She already did on this platform, but now she also shared it with the rest of the world on her Facebook timeline. The reactions were so positive and encouraging. Watch yourself and understand why!

“The imperfections of life, and just be ok with that!”

Oh My God, Yesss!

It is probably the most used sentence when it comes to expressing your sexual pleasure, which is exactly what the website is about. By watching video’s of other women sharing their techniques and experiences, women are encouraged to explore and improve their sexual pleasures.

Some women who have vaginismus don’t feel ready for any sexual activity, others are really into exploring everything else, just because they can’t have penetration. There is no good or bad. For those who are interested in learning new techniques and getting feedback on their own skills, this website will definitely improve your sex life while playing with yourself or being satisfied by your partner. Let us know what you think by sending us your experiences in an email! Have fun!

Become the lady you were born to be!

Sometimes you just have to shut down your laptop and go outside, to find out what and how people think. And that’s what we did! Just two simple questions to both men and women.

‘How is it to be a women’ & ‘What does femininity means to you?’.

And in this video you find out the surprising and honest answers.


Last summer, 2015, Andrea – founder of this platform, was being asked to give a speech at Lowlands. Lowlands is one of the biggest festivals of the Netherlands. Early that year BKB Het Campagnebureau discovered this platform and asked her to be part of Llowagenda; a social-political programm of Lowlands. It was a ‘Yes’. So, sunday morning, the fourth day of the festival, she shared the story behind this platform with a big audience. Watch & Learn! [click ‘cc’ to see English subtitles]


I stayed in a hostel near the city centre. I loved being there on my own just walking and wondering around. On the third day a guy showed up that night we met while I was brushing my teeth. He came in drunk. We chatted, had a laugh and I showed & taught him some dance moves for I had really enjoyed a warm honey wine, which made me a little loose. Turns out we stayed in the same dorm and as I walked to my bed he grabbed my arm to get me close. Too many beers and my persistence made him fail, but that was OK. We snuggled both in our own beds and had a good night sleep. I was awake early and even after a slow morning program with getting myself ready to have a day out, he was still fast asleep when I was ready to leave. I left him a note with a joke referring to the night before and enjoyed the beautiful city in wintertime.

In the late afternoon I returned and he came in later. We talked about how our day was and the night before. He got embarrassed and apologized for trying to kiss me, from his reaction I could see and know he didn’t remember anymore. We talked about different things, interests we had and things we had in common. We both loved music, me by dancing and listening to it and he was actually a singer-songwriter. Sharing love for music is great and we listened to one of his own songs.

We went out together for I was going to a local night and he to get some dinner. On the middle of a central crossroad we both went our own ways and spent the evening we had planned for ourselves. Later that evening I found him at the kitchen table, others went to bed early and the host of that night was very serious about wanting us to be quiet. Not able to talk, we decided to listen to music together and get to know new artist. I suggested teaching him some moves, the night before in his drunkenness he had showed me some corky ones he was known for in his hometown. We moved ourselves from the living area to the hallway trying to get away from the cranky guy who had to do his night shift. I was more experienced in dancing so I was to start the lead and he would follow. Holding each other’s hands I tried to take him with me on the beat of the music, I failed, tried again. It was fun but eventually it still didn’t go so well. As I tried to follow the rhythm and take him with me he smoothly took over. I suddenly realized he was leading me and it worked. It did not take much time for we were kissing each other, as we got closer together in the dance. We clicked instant.

The hostel is situated in a big five-floor building, which was shared with other organizations that were not there during the night time. We pushed ourselves against the cold walls outside the hostel kissing intensely; we both knew it would take a while. I wanted more I noticed so I stopped him and said ‘I would love to have sex with you, but we cannot have intercourse. You cannot put anything in my vagina cause that really hurts. For the rest I am fine, just so you know.’ As I noticed I did not feel any hesitation or fear letting him know that. I was just something that I had to say before we’d continue. ‘That’s totally fine’ he said ‘lots of things we can do.‘ And we continued making out, having sex on a freezing cold staircase. We wanting, enjoying each other and exploring possibilities that we had. Comfortable as I was we kept communicating about what we could do to make it as comfortable for each other as we could. After a while he was freezing cold which was distracting. We decided to end and go to bed. Before we would fall asleep we cuddled in his bed, the next morning I woke up in my own, we had breakfast together and decided to explore a part of the city together.

Same as the other days it was a nice sky, cold, a blue and grayish all together. We talked about our lives, things we liked, insecurities. He was a funny dude, a friend for everyone I noticed and good companionship. Very welcoming energy he had which made me feel at ease. Also just being quiet together felt nice and I enjoyed spending daytime together. I had felt my body building up the arousal again and I was very pleased with the idea of spending another night together. He agreed with renting a room together at a different place.

I had never done this before but it felt like a very natural thing to do. Just going with the flow I was in, I did not question myself if I did something wrong. Or maybe I did but could answer it with a 200% ‘No’. For a long time I had not been so comfortable with my own sexual feelings like now and I was very happy to dive into that nurturing sense of self and being together. As soon as we enter the room I gave it a quick look but my focus was more on him and what was about to happen. Again we had a blast very much enjoying each other, pleasing each other and trying out new things. He kept telling me how hot I looked, how he liked the sounds I made, the way I moved my body. He gave me tips on how to do something better or different without making me feel nervous. I would ask him if he enjoyed it or ask him what he would like me to do. If I should move slower, faster, softer or harder. It was the first time when I learned to enjoy and vocally communicate with words sharing thoughts and needs. I could feel with my building up energy he would get more enthusiastic for he was really enjoying me with all that I had to offer right now. To watch his body move which looked amazing after years of team sports, hear his deep breath and voice moan was very motivating to give more and I wasn’t shy for trying new things or ideas. At no point he asked me or tried to get his finger into my vagina. In no way he was giving me the feeling I did not give enough or was not enough for him. He just worked with the possibilities that were there and I learned there are enough to make it a late night. In between we went out for dinner, had a drink at a bar and loved a smoothing hot wine and people singing songs on the big market area where a guy was playing his guitar with a friend who was holding a violin.

After we had breakfast together I gave him a big hug outside the lunchroom where we just ate. I could see from his face he was surprised by this. I think he expected to have a last kiss for we would not meet again. But I gave him a hug instead for that was the exact thing I wanted to share with him, saying thank you and give him warmth for the last part of his trip. A kiss would have felt to less after what he had given me in the last days, which was a sense of being enough in what I had to offer in this moment. Without knowing, cause I wasn’t aware of it at that time, he had strengthened my faith by putting into practice something I already knew somewhere and show it to me, that sex is not just about getting towards intercourse. The things we did were not just a way of getting somewhere. Doing those things, really sharing, being together answering in our needs, learning and enjoying each others sexuality and expression without reaching the big hides that’s what having sex means in the general terms of saying. For a first holiday love, he was just a perfect experience! ~Maria~

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