Vaginismus, it’s a story to be told.

Vaginismus, it’s a story to be told is an online video platform that attempts to tell the entirety of the story behind vaginismus. The cause and the impact of this is different for everyone. Therefore, the more stories there are, the more the recognition will be. This will only succeed with your help. Would you like to contribute to this platform? Please, send an e-mail to Andrea[at]

If you have further questions, want to stay updated or need more information, feel free to email as well!

Become a partner

Vaginismus, it’s a story to be told aims to tell the story of women with vaginismus in a new, taboo breaking, honourable and sustainable way. Do you, as an organisation, want to contribute to the continuity of this platform, bring attention to this subject or financially support this platform, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

This website is made possible in cooperation with a wide spread network of specialists, experience experts and the Dutch Society for Sexologists [NVVS]. Of course, a warm heart goes out to all the women who were willing to share their story with us and others who contributed their support and expertise to make this website as it is right now! Thank you all!